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You probably remember a situation or two when you couldn’t withdraw cash because your credit card was left at home. Allow them to verify their identity with the help of a banking app call on their smartphone or text message. Identifying and investigating competitors is the next stage of research.

  • You can do it directly from your phone and it won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, as Revolut states.
  • So we’ve prepared a guide to help you create a banking app that’ll meet your business goals and customers’ needs.
  • A brand mobile app is an easy way for banks to win over millennials whose smartphone is their wallet.
  • Besides, all transactions and actions via your app should be quick and well-organized.

React Native and Flutter are two popular cross-platform programming frameworks. Both Facebook and Google (through the Dart programming language) provide comparable frameworks. Note, that the team size can further be increased or reduced to depending on the overall complexity of your project. After wireframing, comes the stage of UI/UX design, which is another crucial factor that can cause the success or failure of your app.


The study shows that a few years ago, client satisfaction in mobile banking solutions declined by 15% because users were challenged in completely understanding all features of the app. The success of mobile banking was also proven by the number of mobile-only banks (or neobanks) that raised $3.6 billion of venture capital investments in 2020. In this light, developing a mobile banking app is a sound decision for those who want to sustain competition and keep their business growing. Indeed, with a pandemic that accelerated contactless payments and mobile usage, mobile banking solutions turned from a long-ignored tool into a game-changing advantage for the banking business.

Most of the time, the features of multiple apps are combined into a single modern mobile banking solution. It’s important that users receive timely notifications about their accounts. Push notifications in a banking app might concern transactions, promotions, and app updates. Users should also be able to opt in and out of email alerts about account and in-app activity. We’ll outline some of the most common banking app features and give estimates of how much time (in sprints) goes into their development.

Custom mobile apps for banks disrupting the banking system

They want to open it, find necessary options intuitively, and complete necessary operations easily. With the Wells Fargo app, you can easily pay any type of bill and set your Touch-ID, or Face ID to simplify the logging-in process. Also, the app provides quick commands to check account balances, review transaction history, look at credit card rewards, etc. If you are still looking for inspiration and comparing the most popular solutions to make yours even better, then keep reading this paragraph.

It is important that the information regarding the bank balance is the same and updated in the banking app portal, irrespective of the device in which it is accessed. When you offer your users an immersive medium to interact with your business, it is natural that more and more of them will want to connect with your services. This helps in increasing your client base, and not just to the local boundaries but beyond international borders. Today, investment and trading platforms are changing faster than ever and moving to a digital world. Stock buying and selling on mobile is no longer an insufficiently explored area, but the “new black” in trading.

How Banking-as-a-service is Enabling Financial Inclusion for Nonbank Companies?

Remember how we mentioned the importance of the right technology stack? Well, here are the tools and technologies we at Relevant recommend for mobile banking app development. What can the future of mobile banking application development look like under the mobile-first Millennials’ rule? They say the shift will bring a more customer-centered approach, a connected world, frictionless operations, and a smart move for utilities.

Can I create a digital bank?

Regulators will have to evaluate your capital potential before granting you a license to build a digital bank. Common sources of funding for digital banks include angel investors, venture capital, borrowed funds, deposits, and shareholders' money.

In this article, I’ll dive into this topic, explain how to create a mobile banking app and why you actually need one. Cross-platform app development is a winning approach that allows banking app developers to use a single 35 Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings code base for different operating systems. React Native, Flutter, Xamarin will aid in building cross-platform apps. You can implement the app with an in-house team or work with a software development outsourcing vendor.

How to create a bank app: Backend Functionality

With it, you can figure out the good and bad about your banking app, and incorporate the advanced features later that fulfill the remaining demands of users. Another issue is that the mobile banking market is enormous, and growing rapidly every single day. It is often reported that 94% of users in the mobile banking domain access digital banking services every month. To fulfill the needs of such a number of users is not a straightforward task, especially when your competitors are already prepared to do so. Loans designed to balance temporary money shortages are an integral part of a market economy. When requesting funds through a conventional method of applying, borrowers have always faced bureaucratic, organizational issues that are highly tedious and time-consuming to resolve.

Thus making a mobile banking application can make a good profit for the banks. The best mobile banking apps allow users to make fraudulent transactions from their phones or other mobile devices, giving them more control over their finances. Building online banking apps can also increase brand recognition and loyalty as customers can quickly and easily access the services they need on time. The emergence of mobile applications has burgeoned the banking industry drastically.

Despite the fact that it was drafted by the EU, it works for organizations all over the world as long as they collect or target data about people in the EU. This feature will calculate what everyone owes for whatever food they ordered for themselves, and costs for appetizers and wine, for example, will be shared. Such an expense management feature can bring additional value to your customers and improve the user experience. Screen size, phone features (e.g., users can have phones that aren’t optimized for biometric authentication), etc. – all need to be considered. Some people may also use an older version of the OS, and some may update constantly.

Monzo also has an extensive range of fraud protection systems in place including encryption technology, secure login processes, and two-factor authentication. All these features make it easy for customers to safely manage their finances on the go. Your domestic bank account offers instant support in chats or chatbots powered by AI. You can benefit from all banking services provided by your regional bank.

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